Came across this word today, pronounced as yoo-gehn, it is a Japanese word meaning – an awareness of the universe which triggers emotional response too deep and powerful for words. 

This word struck a chord with me immediately as it was the same indescribable feeling I had just a day ago. Although I have had this feeling many times before, this time was a bit different. All the other times I was looking at some natural phenomena – like moon, stars – or reading about some alien controversies. This time I was in a lab and looking through a microscope. The sample of silicon wafer I was looking at must be 2 cm X 1 cm by dimension, small by normal standards right? Not when zoomed 100X..

Apart from the observations I was supposed to note down, I was surprised to find so much space available on the ‘tiny’ piece of wafer! Oh yes.. I had done all the calculations and problem solving in theory where the solution would come out to be in micro-meter or nano-meter units, but to see what a nano-meter actually means felt… well Yugen. It hit me suddenly, the limitations which our senses and routine life put on our perspectives!

There I was sitting alone in the lab thinking these thoughts. I felt small and insignificant ..  I was humbled.. I was wordless.. I saw the beauty of it all on a tiny piece of wafer!


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